The Drag[en]gine is a fully customizable game engine and game development environment designed with modularity and extensibility in mind not requiring expensive licenses.

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I promised some videos about the Drag[en]gine Integrated Game Development Environment. Here is the next one about the Animator Editor.

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Animator Editor Video

This time the video is about the Animator Editor. Like the last one this video tries to give an insight in how things are done and how the editor works. The video will be up first again on YouTube and in lower quality on ModDB (I have the feeling this video bug will not be fixed until I'm done with all editor videos U_U... and ModDB went totally silent about the matter). So here is the video.

As always feedback welcome and will be gladly taken into account for the first release.

Make sure to watch it full-screen, it's 1680 wide.

Daily Grinding

The last time had been especially marked by a huge driver bug introduced by ATI in the 14.x branch which broke a lot of important things. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell they broke to somehow code around it but I lost already many days to this situation. Hopefully I'm getting somewhere the next week.

Nevertheless I could get some coding in before driver-bug hell broke loose. The lost Navigation Space Export Script for Blender is now coded back in with improved handling in the user interface. Various scripts shared between the game project and the ZPOC test case have been modified and moved into the scripting module. This way you can start a new project with a premade set of scripts to get started quickly. Rendering of mirrors has been improved as you can see in the image posted. The speed still needs work but it works now more reliably. This part has been unfortunately affected by the driver-bug besides others. Modified also the ambient occlusion texture mip-mapping. It uses now a max-filter instead of the default box-filter. This should improve AO on distance textures where averaged mip-maps just are not that realistic.

Improved Mirrors


Next up is fighting with the driver bug and trying to get things back into working order. These kinds of things really suck. But it's not ATI alone that messes up like this. nVidia is a lot worse and more prone to breaking. But if ATI does break something it really does break it. Let's see how it goes. I'll make another editor video once the problem is solved.


Lot of updates lately! It looks like the first release is not that far away now. And it's looking great!

The video is a bit long and technical. Perhaps you could make 3-5 minute edits from the long videos you produce, so the common artist like myself just gets a nice overview; people who want to could still watch the long version.

From the very start it irritated me that you use a non-tiling texture on the walls and the stairs in center of your testmap. I know it is not relevant to any of the features you show, but could you just use a tileable material there? It would look so much better and give my eyes a rest.

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Dragonlord Author

I'm not too strong with this video making stuff. What kind of shortening did you have in mind?

Concerning the textures I'll do this. These are anyways very old textures from the beginning which don't even have proper PBR. In the next video I'll have new ones.

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The short video could have just the main features without explanation/voiceover (maybe type the features and blend them in) and the long videos could show everything as it is now.

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Dragonlord Author

Would people get it without explanation? I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean but I'll try next time. That said the large editors are mostly through. Some are smaller not really worth a video all by themselves.

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