001 Game Creator is a Graphically Assisted Scripting engine for beginners and advanced users alike. Developers can quickly prototype ideas, test complex systems and build single player and online/local multiplayer experiences for Windows PC, HTML5 and mobile devices.

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This is an excellent, fun utility with which the creator of games can make good-looking and fun games with little time but a lot of creativity spent. If you want to create a huge Ultima-style retro RPG, this will be perfect.

Most of the game creation is done by a point-and-click system; even the scripting. There is a huge amount of readily user-made resources for download on the 001 Engine Website. The engine is also regularly updated and gets even more impressive as time goes by.

This is seriously recommended to anyone new to creating games who want to do their first RPG or scrolling shooter perhaps; veteran modders, like myself, and game makers can also find some good fun here.

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Brilliant! One of the most flexiable programs available for any gamers to use! This system provides a preset of essential tools like scripting, codes, graphical resources, and etc. to create games in minutes. Additionally, Game Creator 001 continues to release new updates for new features that will keep game creators busy from new ideas!

Serrafina, Member since November 1, 2007.

Jun 2 2011 by serrafina