This prototype has been developed for the Bosch Art Game competition. It's a game highly inspired by Hieronymous Bosch paintings. In Zwan you control the swan and explore an environment which decays to a world of pain and madness. As in Bosch's tryptics, you will travel from Eden, through Earth to Hell. How to play: when downloaded, simply unzip the file, launch the file .exe and select the desired resolution. To browse the main menu, use the mouse. Then you can control the swan just by directional arrows (left/right) or by a gamepad. Press "P" to pause the game and then "Esc" if you want to quit at any time. Your main objective is to collect as many eggs you can. Note that after you hurt yourself (a certain number of times) the world will change twice and then you will die. Best experienced with headphones and gamepad.

Zwan v1-r1c (Win)
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