This is a feedback version, so some things are missing/broken, and maybe (hope not) some bugs. Need feedback to resolve problems

ZR Hardcore mod V0.4
Zorrow_Rage Author
Zorrow_Rage - - 48 comments

Please, i need feedback to know what problems the mod have an then fix them.
Use the forum for that please

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davidkailov - - 5 comments

Hey, how are you? first i'd like to thank for this mod, second i have a question,
what is the user_atmosfear file for? it's because my game keeps crashing. I followed every steep in the mod tutorial, thanks.

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davidkailov - - 5 comments

One more question, I was wondering if you could ever made a simply mod with zombies everywhere, not like the umbrela mod, i mean with the normal zombies, EVERYWHERE, i would be extremely harder to overcome the game and more interesting. If you do i will post it in TARINGA.NET with your direction, you know a kind of spam.
I'm not saying to modify textures and things like that, i only mean zombies everywhere

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