REALLY IMPORTANT!!!: When you install the game, always run it as an administrator. Otherwise, you won't be able to save your progress or update the game.​ When you download the game, just run the installer inside the .rar file and a shortcut will be created in your desktop. As I said above, it is really important to always run the game as an administrator, so I would recommend you to right click the shortcut, click on Properties, go to the Compatibility​ tab and ticking the Run as an administrator check-box and click the Apply button so you don't have to worry anymore. Then, as I can't update the installer with every single small update I do, I recommend double-clicking the shortcut and clicking on "Check for updates" before playing for the first time, so that you have the most bug-free experience. I would do this every time I play, because updates will come out very often introducing features, quests, playable characters, bug fixes and more.

Z Warriors: Universal
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