Here we go again! Some days ago we released our beta release for the final 1.1 SDK. many things happened since this time. a) the final PR 1.1 was released b) we fixed a lot of stuff we got reported by the communnity c) the final PR 1.1 was declared by id d) we added a lot of new features for you. So, whats new in this release? regardless of the fixes i would say the new teamrail stuff could be interesting for you. It allows you to define your own rail and enemycolor. We also added an option to remove the muzzleflash from the weapons and added m_accell to our weaponconfigs. Another not uninteresting new feature we included is the well known followPU mode from Q3OSP, but even better we include some more option to control the follow cam. Be sure you take a look into the client-commands.txt or our wiki to learn more about it. We also brought back the good old XBM simpleitems, as this was requested by a lot of people. Ofcourse, you have always the free choice what type of simpleitems you prefer...

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