XBF:V SE mod: When BF:V came out I wanted to make a stuntmod for it. And stunting mostly means flying vehicles. But I also wanted to add the XBF features in it. Like the Kubelwagen launch with the B17 or when you ride the Kubelwagen against another soldier. So I put the Kubelwagen features in the UAZ 469. And replaced the B17 with the Tango ATC. And off course the Willy with the MUTT so it has bigger wheels and 4x4. The 1.0 release has been a great succes so now we are moving forward. 1.2 also has C4 and other explosives to launch yourself or a vehicle. Vehicles now get damage from being in the water too long. XBF:V SE 1.2 works with the latest version of Battlefield Vietnam.

XBF:V SE 1.2
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