0.4 – 1.0 change list - fixed errors found; - an opportunity of space fogs removal added. To activate this option, you should click “Choose mod” in the game’s start menu, then choose "No_fogs" and press "ОК"; - the mini-plot of “Enhancement of the Yaki: Extension” added. Now you have an alternative way of getting the HQ. Also Trade Bases were added at one of the Yaki shipyards – these stations allow capturing different races’ sectors. This option appears after you purchase the “Salvage Spur” sector. - the “Time of the Truth” plot’s Head-hunters were enhanced; - the “Xenon invasions” were changed and fixed; - the Yaki repair lasers forge was added; - TS-class ships were rebalanced; - the “CPU: Far reconnaissance” mini-plot was added. Its aim is to find the Aldrin and Terran sectors, and connect them with the xenon ones. It activates after you finish the “CPU: Evolution” plot and forward the data to the xenons.

X3: Time Of The Truth v1.0
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