Built by Reimar Doffinger, this zip file contains simple command-line program with a bunch of .bat files to make modifications to the XWing Alliance binary, in particular those often necessary to allow it to work on modern systems. Changing game resolution, maximum frame rate and enabling 32 bpp rendering (hack, breaks some things like load screen) so that anti-aliasing can be used are also possible. Basic fixes for graphics issues in hardware 3D mode are available for XWing95, TIE95, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and Balance of Power, too. Please read the readme.txt file in the zip file download. Also, check the tutorial section of this mod for further information on how to use this mod.

X-Wing Alliance Hacker

Im using windows xp with a geforce gt 430. I followed the instructions to the letter (i thought) and i still get the graphics problems when i try to use the 3d hardware mode. Im starting to think that im doing something wrong with the xwahacker. PLease help i would love a few suggestions. Everysince star wars galaxies was shut down i have been missing my tie defender. I have been trying every since to get XWA to work with the 3d hardware mode on.

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