New Enemy - Alliance Ground Attack Drone (appears in Mission 06) Weapons - Changed Dai-X mega missiles to much cooler nukes - Dai-X black hole missile special weapon improved - Improved Dai-X Fighter special weapon logic; especially MainBody - X-Bomber guided missile homing logic improved to engage multiple targets simultaneously Gameplay - Automatic power transfer improved to take account of the extra boost from 50% (gold) and 100% (purple) power-ups. - Alliance astrofighter, carrier and transport spawning logic simplified and improved. - Manual power transfer efficiency increased from 50 to 75% - Spawning for various things (including enemy transports and power-ups) improved. Mission Updates - Mission 15 - Battlecruiser upgrade - Phase 2 - Mission 11 - Terrain speed altered - Mission 08 - Stage 3 rebuilt - Mission 00 - Training mission updated Graphics - Various missile sprites improved (alpha-blend, real-time rotation, scaling) - Drop shadows v4

X-Bomber v0.84a
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