World of Noth is a combat enchancement, content expansion and a story mod for Warband that adds lots of exciting features to the world of calradia. Project aims to revolutionize the combat mechanic and make sure action never stops both in battle and world map. ~ Furthermore, players should be guided to experience the world and learn that all have right to live refardless of color, race or purpose. Thats what we are, what life is. We are born to do extraordinary things if we choose to walk that tough path. Yet world goes on, and there is always hope even so how trying can times be. Choose a path, find your place in the world and witness what real world may once perhaps was or could be. Expect the impossible to be a possibility and only way to reach there is through friendship of those who did not yet find their place, wisdom of those who did and challenge of those who is going to call you to your new paths.

World of Noth - Beta 0.1
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