Woohoo Drive! is a great top-down racing game where you drive your space rig using your mouse or tablet only. The point is to get from point A to point B as fast as you can. Your highscores are then sent to the online scoreboard and you get ranked against other players! Whether you're bored sitting in an office or looking for a fun game to chill you out, Woohoo Drive is a perfect match! Free version delivers 23 levels divided in three sections based on their difficulty and some basic configuration. Upon registering you get the access to features such as: -Record your demos and share them with other registered players -Create your own levels with easy to navigate level editor -Stand out in the crowd of unregistered players with a shiny emblem next to your name in the scoreboards -Enjoy a minimap!

Woohoo Drive! 0.7.3 (Windows)
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