New stars, new planets, new dangers... Explorers and pioneers of the six factions have discovered huge natural wonders and, at the same time the deepest abyss in the galaxy. TEC, Advent and Vasary are now ready to push war to the ultimate regions of space. Ships will fly through the rings of protostars, pilots will see the brightest rays of a supernova, or they will fall into a supermassive black hole. Strategists and generals learned how to exploit resources of the new systems and of other type of planets. Will these events change the outcome of the war? How will it end with these new discoveries?

Wonders 1
MISTERdazzling - - 204 comments

Just pointing this out you spelled Vasari as Vasary

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KorsakB - - 142 comments

It would be good to see quasars and systems with two stars ...

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