A pretty simple and straight forward update of Laz Rojas' original WolfenDOOM scenarios by CeeJay: Original and Nocturnal Missions. Every enemy, item and weapon in the game was re-made from scratch to more resemble their original Wolfenstein 3D counterparts, and less like the Doom counterparts they replace. So mutants no longer launch fireballs, officers don't wield chainguns among many other changes and improvements. The game is overall more faithfaul and balanced. All the basic groundwork was done old-school style with DeHacked/DEH, so in theory this should be 100% vanilla Doom compatible. However, the levels won't play correctly, so a mapinfo file was made for ZDoom-based ports and an sndinfo, language and gameinfo file to spice things up and add a little variation to the game. See description for this versions changes.

WolfenDoom Update 2
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