Installation files for Elemental Brawl for Windows version 0.0.1a. *Note: This is an extremely early demo version of Elemental Brawl. Because of that, I want to emphasize two major thing. One: This is missing the majority of the features that the full game will have. I would not say that this demo is even a fair representation of 1% of what the final game will have. This simply features a basic menu, and an extremely watered down fighting system. Two: This is an early alpha demo. That means there will be glitches. Things will not always work the way they intend and crazy things might happen. Nothing bad will happen to your computer, but if the game randomly crashes or you notice something happening that probably shouldn't happen, please let me know. You can let me know in the comments here or you can email

Windows Demo Ver. 0.0.1a
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