WHO DARES WINS VERSION 0.23 Requires: Bf1942 version 1.6 Developed by: Who Dares Wins devs. Homepage: INSTALLATION: Self-installing .exe file. Just download and click the file. FEATURES: Who Dares Wins 0.2 is almost a completely new mod. Almost EVERYTHING has been changed from the 0.1 release. Maps have been redone, shadows and lightmaps have been added, stuff has been remodelled and almost EVERYTHING has been reskinned. Don't judge this mod by previous releases! This is a BIG and very varied mod. So if you don't like one map, try a few more before giving up on the mod. At WDW we base all our maps off of real-life events. So all of the battles in WDW really happened. Sometimes, as was the case with Iranian Embassy Siege, we painstakingly reconstructed the area of the operation based on a bunch of photographs of actual sites. Other times we approximated or simply reproduced the terrain of the area. WDW is varied. We have 16 maps spanning 25 years of conflicts (anything post-vietnam...


this mod pwns, i wonder how your hl2 version is going

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