we have decided to upload this experimental version, where some stuff is missing but it has some reworked stuff in it. Have fun.

WFL v1.1.4.1d

Thank you again for updating the mod.It is great, but there are a lot of rooms for improvement.

Still no monster faction in this version?

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shArawOw Author

StarLord101 Well there were couple of ideas that we had but couldn't get to work. There was also I minor issue with the catapult dmg that we didn't set properly. Other then that tho I think we showed some great improvements that this game has never seen before. (Like all the upgrade spells being assigned to all units. The LVLd up barracks giving lvl 1 unit on spawn rather then lvl 0, etc.) The monester factions however will take a long time to finish. Turns out the animations are really hard to setup, as some animations aren't completely supported. If it wasn't for that, the monster faction would've been out months ago. On the side note tho. Multiplayer PVE and/or PVP is very nice to play now. It's very fluid and it even lets newer players be good at the game.

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