Once upon a time I was a novice modder. I just edited values without regards and had to spend so much time later to correct them. This time I did a total clean up. This update focuses on balance and bug fixing on stuff I did early in the mod making. My first modded coalition were Red Dragon and Blue Dragons. Most of the changes back then was just lazy minimum effort to make them viable. In case of Blue Dragon some complained them as OP with pzf3 line infantry. I sought alternative methods to balance them without messing up the flavor. It make look boring at first there is no new optional unit this time, but believe me the game balance change this patch brings is significant! The patch is named after Serenity who wrote a 100 page document on my mod suggesting things and bug fixing. Half of them ended up discarded due to how game is coded, but it is the thoughts that counts! Cheers.

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.31 "Serenity"
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