A special patch for Epic Weekend! Many quality of life changes for those getting into the game. Previous hidden stats in base game is now revealed! 1. Usa tacom getting phrog and chinook transport. 2. Mi-24 and variants 10>9hp. (no longer tanks heavy SAM) 3. Adjusted effect of tank weapon range halo. 4. GAU-12/A Equalizer renamed GAU-12/U on American Harrier II, now has AP of 3 Harrier II cost 120>130, avail 0/3/0/0/2 > 0/2/0/0/1. 5. Adding aim time tag for artillery! 6. 15 men militia squad receives extra ammo for consistency. 7. Renamed nk carbine to Type 88-1. 8. Bm21 rocket splash radius corrected, cluster 105>106.75,He 51.1>52. 9. UK Harrier gr.3 rocket 2 salvo, 75>80pt 10. F/A-18 A of USA switched to Harrier VB II Plus, asf load out. 11. yugo Orkan MLRS aim time 30>20s, supply per shot 100>110. 12. zhanshi 85 avail 16>20.

Wargame Unofficial Patch 1.15

Awesome!!!! Ngl this mod makes me never wanna go back to vanilla.

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