Released as freeware for all people to play, Wanton Destruction features twelve of the most eye popping levels you will ever trip through! Featuring: Chinatown, Monastery Gardens, San Francisco Trolley Yards, Chinese Restaurant, Skyscraper Under Construction, On board a 747, High tech Secret Military Base, Japanese Bullet Train, Zilla's Auto Factory, and Tokyo Rooftops. In addition, the episode contains not one, but two full-size super secret levels that will have you on the edge of your seat! In addition, we've included three all new Wangbang-only levels as well as a capture the flag level!

Wanton Destruction v1.4 Full Release

Make repack files for spk and mpk files for wolfenstein 2009 already.

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Currently playing it with Raze, it's a great expansion, but man, do they throw excessive ammo down your throat! You can easily ride either the grenade or missile launcher for a good chunk of the game and never run out of ammo, virtually rendering all other weapons useless. If only there was a way to edit this ☹️

EDIT: Scratch that, it's not a great expansion at all, and neither is Twin Dragons. I didn't even bother to finish them; both are pretty average expansions and not really challenging, due in large part to the ammo issue I mentioned earlier (yes, Twin Dragons also suffers from this). Honestly, just stick to the original campaign, neither of these are worth playing. ☹️

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