Wallpaper #1 - Simplistic in design, created for Forsaken Few. Created by: Marc "Kathar" Hales

Wallpaper #1

This is just like the other one, but a bit worse.... screenshots of maps tend to be more worth it then having the name of a mod for a wallpaper.

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I actually Prefer Simple Wall Papers like this one, ever hear the saying "To much of a good thing is bad"? this is nice and simple, not to many bright or overdone colors/graphics, it just has a nice calm look to it, plus this one wont hurt my eyes with the "desktop work" I do, meaning multi windows open while editing, and copying files and folders. Plus at night my eyes get tired because I wear glasses, and I prefer simple dark wallpapers. Plus this shows that they are not "throwing" there mod in peoples faces saying "Hey look we got a F'ing awesome flashy wall paper, because or mod is awesome!!!!!" instead it shows, "Hey here is a wallpaper our artist did, yes its simple, because he is busy doing work on the know so it will get done."

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