In the land of Volkstein, something has been culled from the depths of the dark. A towering monster that roams the land, destroying villages and sowing chaos in its wake. The people turn their suspicions on the Grays, the nobility that's taken the throne, and the newly crowned prince who's father's gone missing. They believe he's in league with Ouvbane, a once powerful warlock long banished to the ether. But with it's spawn causing turmoil throughout the regions, fear cripples the country, leaving few who could oppose him or his fiend. When Cauflin's bride gets kidnapped by the royal airship, however, he risks life and limb to get her back, braving the regions, fighting the creatures that roam the world, solving the mystery of who brought this monster back, and how he can destroy it.

Volkstein Demo (64 bit version)
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