Virelda, the Heretical Soothsayer "I am Virelda. I am truth, pure and simple, yet nothing is more destructive than facing your inner self." "Then I shall defy myself once again, and put my faith in you, for it only takes one last paragon in a world gone mad to avert the gaze of endless death, and redeem what was once thought lost" Description Virelda is an Dunmer Soothsayer from times long past, seeking truth and clarity in a world of lost ideals. Custom voiced with well over five hundred lines of dialogue, Virelda is designed as a game-long companion, as well as a tragic hero, on her own quest to fulfill her visions, and overthrow the gods. She combines my dramatic writing style with a deluge of interesting topics and conversations, making her a truly memorable character that will walk beside you as you fulfill the prophecies of the Elder Scrolls, and reshape Tamriel.

Virelda - The Heretical Soothsayer
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