See how long you can survive the on slot of enemies! Wave after wave of enemies enter the room but none leave use your weapons or projectile to kill the enemies, gather experience to gain bonus to attack, health and stamina. Use stamina to dash out of the way of enemies and then slash them open with your sword. Save your progress to continue where you left off(Warning saving does not current save the wave your on, looking in for a fix) Or instead of downloading here in steamworkshop. Heres a video of and some of what it has (OLD VIDEO) Much more to come in near future! Also supports controller (only tried with xbox 360) Controls: Keyboard&Mouse;/Controller W,A,S,D key's /Left Joystick = Movement, walking Spacebar key /A Button = Dash (also selector in pause menu) Left Mouse Click /X Button = Attack with weapon Right Mouse Click /B Button = Projectile(uses mana and must be level 3) E key /Y Button = swap weapon Escape key /Start button = pause

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