irst patch released for Vietcong. First step before updating to 1.6 version. Changelog : - Servers and clients crashing, FIXED. - The corrupted textures that sometimes appeared on the weapons and equipment, FIXED. - The occasional missing voice commands, FIXED. - mlchangemap , mlchangecurmap a mlchangeendrule - didn't work correctly with points/frags, FIXED. - swapplayer command, Fixed. - Improved network code to help achieve less lag in the game. - New anti speedhack protection. - Sound of reloading moves with players. - Medic heals only 75% of the damage. - Shooting accuracy is decreased when jumping and aiming is aslo disabled. - Player can now peep over rocks with binoculars by pressing the aim button. - When calling air support player can type message without the radio call being broken. - spectator delay maximum increased at 180sec - radiocall - sending a chat message dosn't break it. - New console commands for admin or remote admin - set srvteamlock lock - set

Vietcong Patch 1.0 to 1.3
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