Added a fuckton of generals, so no one will have to create new ones. These are all real, either Ministers of War or 1932' Vets. Got 1932' Vets running on the fields. Brand new 11 regiments to aid in our glorious jungle crusade! Got some new events up and running, including Vargas suicide! The Political Climate is WAY more unstable. A coup can happen anytime now. If not enough attention is given, the player can expect some Civil Wars. Most focuses bring change to the political situation of the country. Airforce is now allied with Democrats and Marines with fascists. These where their main political machines during the 30's. (They are also mutually exclusive). Used new features in the DLC to merge some National Spirits. Now, the Industrial Tech tree will only give you 2 Ideas when finished, instead of 8. This should make the Diplomatic/Political Tab way more pleasing. No worries, effects still are the same. Added some cosmetic tags to our neighbors! Cisplatine included

VFacure's Brazil for 1.3.1 TFV

Minha nossa teu mod é muito bom... merecia estar no workshop da Steam como um improvement pack do Brasil - BIP. Deveria ser um DLC até, eu pagaria por ele de boa. Ótimo trabalho!

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Valeu! Eu fiz uma caralhada de general e líderes pro Modern Dawn, mas o teu ficou do cacete!

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Nice work! I love to play with Brazil and you make it awesome! Thank you!

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