Extract the archive and play, no installation required

Veridia Tactics v1.00

Dear Trisfald,

Downloaded file no issues.
Dying to play as the interface so far is great.

I'm on the set up MAP page, I want to play alone, with AI.

On the left of the set up is the RED/BLUE team.
RED=Human neutral

On the right is the BLUE (Enemy/ side?)
I thought I could set up my human forces, picking from the available classes. And the AI would just load.
But the Enemy is being set up? I do that? I don't get it. It says 50/50 now.
What do I do now?
Question: When to the "READY" button work and when (How) can I start the game?

There is no video or tutorial.

Thank so much for helping me !
I look forward to getting into this one !!

Help me get started...I'm liking the way this is packaged and don't understand it. And don't want to get off track/frustrated.

Single player battles can be played against the AI or against other players in local by pressing the 'human' button in the battle room.

When do the READY buttons work or how?

Thanks for any quick attention to guiding me as I read the DF, but there is nothing on this.

I'm not in multi player, I just want to play the computer.

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Trisfald Author

To play against the AI, you have to do the following.
I suppose you play as BLUE. Leave enemy button as it is, it's ok. Pick your units, then you should pick the units of your enemy too. To this, just click on 'RED' and then select the units manually or click 'load preset' and choose one. (they are just pre-made teams).
At this point you should be able to start.

Ready buttons works only in multiplayer on Internet.

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