This is the Kickstarter demo of the first level of Venison Quest. The file is a self-extracting exe for Windows. If played on a laptop, a mouse is recommended rather than a touchpad. The level is set in a small Native farmstead where the player uses a flint hoe to weed a "three sisters garden" planted with corn, beans, and squash, while chasing away a flock of crows determined to steal as much corn as they can get their beaks on. The player moves through the garden and swipes weeds to remove them, while trying not to trample the hills of corn, beans, and squash. The player has a certain amount of time to clear the weeds before they start to grow back. If the crows steal more than 4 ears of corn or if more than 2 corn plants are trampled before all the weeds are removed, the player has to restart the level.

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