Vandomizer is a "vanilla" randomizer for GZDoom. It randomizes the spawns in Doom maps without adding any extra enemies or items. The mod offers three different randomization modes with varying degrees of chaos.

Vandomizer v1.0
eviltechno - - 502 comments

"Everything is randomized with no restrictions,
with the exception of keys"

Ah damn. I read it wrong. Especially randomizing the key locations would have been fun. Guess it's not possible?


Ok tested it. This goes very well with meatgrinder mod.

Can you add an option to disable the "soldiers jumping out of soldiers" feature, or give it a radius where it won't happen, so it doesn't seem so obvious? Would make it a lot better.

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SanttuPesonen Author
SanttuPesonen - - 58 comments

Key locations could theoretically be randomized as well, but that sort of implementation brings with it a new layer of possible softlocks I'd need to look out for. It would involve numerous checks to see if a key spawns in a place where you can't even get (e.g. behind the respective door you need the key for), and the code would get very complex.

As for "soldiers jumping out of soldiers", that's probably a compatibility problem with the other mod you're using, as I didn't implement such a feature into Vandomizer.

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eviltechno - - 502 comments

I think it was meatgrinder 2.1 causing that. My bad.

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