Valley of Dawn is a mod in which you will play the role of a former assassin named Derek, who once worked for the ore baron Raven. The owner betrayed him, and his beloved fell into the clutches of the Dark Magician. Pursuing the necromancer, Derek enters the Valley of Dawn and realizes that getting to the enemy will not be easy. He has to kill the necromancer, save his beloved and decide the fate of the inhabitants of the Valley of Dawn... First of all,i want to give all credits and respect to: 1.Lord Sargon for the amazing translator soft:Easy Gothic Mod Translator. 2.Milten aka Silderon many thanks and respect. 3.Install:Fresh install of Gothic 2 NOTR,install of requirements:report version 2.6,Sistem Pack,Player Kit. 4.Download original mod Valley of Sunrise from []_valley-of-sunrise-v.1.3.1S,and install. 5.Unpack archive,and copy and override ini file in System and Data with Mod VDF in corespondent folder

Valley of Sunrise
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