This update for the US retail edition of Boiling Point fixes a whole bunch of game bugs.

US 1.1 Patch

I'm digging this game out again to give it another go.
This and xenus 2 + precursors are 3 big gameworlds.
They belong in a place all on ther own.
You have to do a bit of investigating first,to find any patches (official +fanmade) ,also fan made addons,mods,tweaks,e.t.c.
All three of these games deserve to be played at least once.

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I discovered these three openworld games after playing Operation: Matriarchy(another wild and weird russian pc game),that once you get past the zz graphics, is a lot of fun.
There's another one called collapse:devastated world.
There are English patches available for both games.
And a sound fix patch for Operation: Matriarchy,if i remember correctly,the game was released with broken sound.

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