Alright, this is a little weird of a readme, after reading it run batch file\ the game looks best with the old palette PALETTE.dat, but with this enabled, in user maps, the map that appears to be selected is actually one below, if this is too much to figure out which it's more self explanatory than you think delete PALETTE.DAT I know a little bit to get this working without having to select user map gimme some time. Need to create maps. Is this the first map? I've got no clue it's just a map It's truly fun to open up Lame Duke beta and mess around with it. It's only one level but play it a couple times like I did get good at it. You might want five more, which is why I'm gonna keep making them (Once again, when you go to select a user map<< The nuke symbol will appear to be one above the actual map that's selected, for example if you had a map called Duke 2, with a map called Duke 3 above it, pick Duke 3, it actually selected Duke 2 due to a glitch with the symbol position

Unlame revision 3 level-1.  speed mapping demo
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