Update 1.04: Okay this update make dragon bones and scales lighter, 6 lbs and 3 lbs respectably. I added and adjusted loot for Cupboards, Dressers, and Endtables so the offer more interesting loot as well. Also found out my orc dresser items was not in the leveled lists so fixed that. No new magical items right now . And in Version 1.03 I added about 6 new magical pieces of jewelry to the game. As always these items are powerful enough, I put them in the leveled lists for those who are above level 20. Now I update the loot for both barrels and sacks, i noticed that My mod wasn't effecting the food barrels enough , so i fixed that. And the sack loot was becoming a bit repititous , so i attempted to fix that so it was. I also changed the small urn loot slightly, because honestly those wouldn't hold as much stuff as the large urns.

Unique Loot 1.04
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