Job Applation (1.0c) Added - 1.bsp Just a small map, with a teleport system ul_dm_outrigger.bsp This is an unfished map, but shows off some complex brush work. The map was orignaly going to be a Quake 1 / UT Hybrid There are some Lighting Isuues out side, due to the rock formations being entitys, and not world Brushes ul_test_bot_shotgun.bsp Monster Bot Demo This map is just a demo of the Monster Bot enity, that was coded for Un-Life, its not complted, and as such has errors, use the console command "reload" to play the map again ul_test_particle.bsp Partical Demo This map is just a demo of partical effects found in Un-Life Removed - Some left over grafics from 1.0b's Manual Clean out Team 3 (1.0b) Fixes - Console alerts, and bots wanting the old models Cleaned out the manual, it was a waste of space, and was made for new mappers, not ones that know how to Added - MP3 Player now works, to use you can use the console command playmp3 yourmp3file.mp3 - Thanks to Put Put...

Un-Life 1.0C Demo
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