This is the ultimate compilation of available Doom modifications available out there, including (mostly) megawads and gameplay addons.

Ultimate Doom Compilation

Sweet! I can throw away some loose ends now. Great package!

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Downloaded this and sadly it does not work properly....

If I try using the Gzdoom main .exe file, only blasphemer works and barely, I hear the intro music but only a white screen, even if not using fullscreen mode.

ZDL also does not work same problems not even blasphemer works with it.

The batch files mostly work( not freedom 2) but eventually the game slows to a crawl and finally it Crashes with this message in the log.

VM execution aborted: array access out of bounds. Max.index = 7, current index = 35

Since I could not find anything in internet about and I can continue to play the game normally in previous Gzdoom version that I already use,
the problem is not with me or my PC.

Sorry for the weak english, hopefully somebody might find also have this problem and somebody else will find the solution...

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exorio Author

First fix : some guy complained that game ran sluggish, he just reset the options then it's solved. If you couldn't access the option within the game, you can just delete all .ini files within the root Doom folder so that GZDoom will rebuild a fresh, default configuration.

Second fix : replace the included GZDoom files with the one that works for you, done. ALL of it. Most likely some of the included pwads/addons are also require latest version of GZDoom 2.x anyways (incompatible with 3.x version).

Third fix : pray so miracle happens.

If neither those solutions work, I don't know.

The package works for me across multiple computers, even at my crappy office's PC (synced my whole Doom install through One Drive).

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