NOTE: If you want to play as the playable wraith faction it needs to be above the other wraith factions in the in-game mod folder. In This Update I am Proudly removing the Wraith And Adding The Wraith Alliance, Todd's faction and Michael's Faction. (only wraith alliance playable) and adding the Wanderers to the Human Asgard Alliance (you can only use asgard and human blocks for now but the wanderer ships will still spawn as allies. This mod Demo contains: The Human-Asgard-Wanderer Alliance, The Wraith Alliance, Todd's Faction, Michaels's Faction, The Drones, The Goa`uld and The Ancients. ALL of this factions are NOT DONE but good playable. ALSO THESE FACTIONS ARE NOT ALL FACTIONS THAT THE FULL MOD WILL CONTAIN. #All Blocks from the Ancients are made by Lord_Lucifer. (Steam Account)

T.S.C (Alpha V8.0)
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