What makes the Professional Mod different from any other Mod? Because the Professional Mod was started from the Orion Mod and Minimod (Thanks Guys!), the approach has been different than most mods. The Professional Mod is focused primarily on play balancing and elimination of exploits and bugs. Don't worry, because of the flexibilty of the Minimod, there are plenty of weapons and equipment to check out. The Professional Mod simply aims to reign in all these great ideas, with a few of my own, and return the balance and teamplay aspects of Tribes Base to the world of the mods. Tactics and creativity are the important aspects of a player of the Professional Mod, rather than discovering which combination of equipment makes a player into that 'super' character. So, the Professional Mod is different, in that it's focus is to be properly balanced, exploit free, and as bug free as I can make it.

Tribes Professional
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