Tomb of Twelve Features include: -Single player open land adventure game set in a free to explore, open landscape. Conquer most Tombs as you choose. -Acquire Ghost Form and turn into a flying ghost or back into human form at will, after accessing the Ghost Tomb. -Run, jump, leap, swim, bounce, slide and hop your way through the game. -Save Checkpoints in the full game remember your progress and unlocked Tombs, for the next time you play. -A gradual, day into night cycle. -Sleep on a bed in select cabin locations to earn more life. -Go on foot or ride in a mine cart in the Mines Tomb. -More than 12 challenging Tombs above and underground to discover. Collect the gems to unlock the key vaults for more discovery. -Travel quickly across the large landscape using Warp Doors. -Easy to play, but a challenge to complete. -Fast, fun gamplay with a choice of six exciting electronic tunes to inspire your adventure. -Entire Game created on Game Editor by F. Sudol in 2014 for PC, Linux and Mac.

Tomb of Twelve (Adventure Full Game for Linux)
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