"In my youth I got a job in a graveyard. It wasn't a job I'd usually take, but my father had been friends with the undertaker so he sort of forced me. What made the job so unusual because I was scared to death of dead bodies as I still am today. Luckily I didn't have to get anywhere near the dead bodies. My boss, the undertaker, prepared the bodies for burial. The scariest things were the vaults. It gave me shivers thinking about dead bodies laying there, rotting in the dark. One day I was working in a crypt and all was well..." A thrilling horror ready for your playthrough. Make sure to give feedback. It's my first horror game and im trying to start off something new so constructive criticism is welcomed. Use headphones for the best expirience. Press space to perform an action. Credits: 2GX - Narraration and Graphics CreepsMcPasta - Story Jacob Pickens - Programming

The Vault For Windows

my opinion- no good. bad voice acting and terrible quality in general.

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