Hello all. This is the |Beta Release| of the |Rise of the Iron crown mod|. These are some of the basic balance changes in it: The basic commandpoints are now 600 at most, and you start out with 600. Fortresses now give 100 Resources every 10 seconds, and normal resource buildings only give 5, but cost 100. Fortresses now naturally act like a healing well, are limited to 1 and have 15000 health. All Heavy armor and Forged blades, fire arrows cost 2000 to be purchased from the forge, but 100 to be purchased individually for each battalion. Banner Carriers only cost 200 to purchase and 50$ for each battalion. All heroes cost 0 commandpoints all ranged siege is limited to 1 . Fire arrows are only available to Isengard

The Rise of the Iron Crown mod -1.0 Beta release.
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