This first Alpha version includes : New light&shadows; system - HUD complete- UI complete (to visually improve) - player health and Level / XP system - the 2 first dungeon levels only - save/load system - only 1 monster type : Goblin - Storekeeper for buying some needed stuff (torchs and potions) - log display - help text display (to visually improve) - only 1 type of trap - game SFX. Features for the full version - Fullscreen mode - About 20 dungeon levels - More monsters - More traps - Blacksmith for upgrading your weapons and armor level - Checkpoint system for big levels - Background music Your feedbacks are welcomed, especially about gameplay and the fluidity. TO INSTALL (Windows 64bits) : Uncompress file and run Game.EXE

The Lost Relic - Alpha 1 available to download
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