Installation and starting: -download the demo -download the compressed file and unzip it into the folder "...\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMo ds" -restart steam -start the demo under "My Games The Legend of Zoveus: Tech Demo" -set the "Show Charackter Status" key under options/controlls -start the map The map: Before you leave the temple you should look for weapons. Those are the normal ones from HL2, but still they are influenced by your stats. When you leave the temple enemys will appear from the caves and attack you. Whenever you´ve killed all enemys from a wave the next wave will start. If the next wave doesn´t start, go around the map and find the remaining monsters. The Experience System: Whenever you kill an enemy, you will receive experience. In the left, above corner you will find two numbers: The first shows the amount of experience you´ve gained in the level, while the second one shows the amount that is needed for a level-up. After each...

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