Latest version of the mod (september 2020) - The Italian Wars Ultimate v0.7.1 by Anaerin and his team.

The Italian Wars - Ultimate v0.7.1 (Audio)

Hello, sir. First of all accept this as a token of appreciation; For your modifications are top notch and I can only dream about the sheer focus and commitment devoted to this project. This era of warfare is an absolute favorite of mine. Because we have access to artillery; Cavalry still packs a punch; Gallant knights march in shiny full-plate armor; Crossbows and bows are yet to be outmatched and many more reasons. But I'm not here to waste your time explaining
the already apparent things. In fact I come with a problem, seeking solutions to it.
I have a crashing issue in my French campaign, when I press the next turn button to reach turn 7. The crash have specifically happened two times in my French campaigns (I haven't tried other factions yet) which in turn rendered those campaigns impossible to finish. From the exhaustive testing that I have done, it seems that the problem is not on my side.
Extra Information: I have seized control of Firenze, Napoli, Capua, Saluzzo and Nice; And I'm not in debt so the crash cannot be blamed on finances.
I play on Hard/Hard.
I have activated Fog Of War, thinking the entire map being loaded was a problem; And that didn't solve anything.
I even upgraded my PC! Sadly the best CPU I could install on my motherboard was
Intel Q9550, along with two 4GB rams and a 2GB graphic card.
I tried skipping AI movement as well, but that too failed me.
I hope this is a universal bug and a fix will come in soon.
Also, which version of this mod (4, 4.1, 5 etc) do you recommend for me instead of 0.71 Ultimate, until the latter is fixed?

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