================================================= =============== Title : Last Stand Mini-Mod for Doom 3 Filename : (x.x = version #) Author : Stephen Howe Email Address : the_Happy_friar Misc. Author Info : Comments? : Enjoy the mod! Description : On your way to the main base a sudden earthquake knocked a piece of rock on to your SUV. You get out & pick up your gear.... Additional Credits to : Brian Harris of id software (he's answered many e-mails for me!) And everyone else at id for this game! ZizZ on the PD forums for bein the ONLY person to admit downloading this mod in the first release. :) Douglas Spotted Eagle for the ultra-low & ultra perfect bass sound for the ship's engines! Modern Homes ( for a really nice sky texture! ================================================= =============== * Play Information * Level Name :,, Single Player : Yes...

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