Hijackers added to forgotten, Mechanics can now capture husks, Nod Artillery ROT is now to 3 (from 2) Now has 120HP (from 75), and Armor type is Heavy (from light), Visceroid now heals in tiberium, and heals to 1/3rd health outside of tiberium, Forgotten Barracks no longer has a low power production slowdown, Added Rally point to tiberium greenhouse, Fixed Rally point for Salvage, Havoc is back to the level of badass he was at in the original Tiberian Dawn Campaign, Tiberium flecks added to heavy tank, Technical SHP updated, WarDozer SHP updated, Elite Cadre and Hijacker prerequisites set to anyhq, Removed contrails from Elite Cadre and Medium tanks, Changed audio on Elite Cadre Pulse Rifle, fixed husk capturing,

The Forgotten Chapter 0.26
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