The Fixed Version 1.1 (19/04/2016) is an Update of the Original Ludum Dare Version it solved some issues and bugs with the Keyboard Controller, now you can press the mouse buttons to use the sword and jump, also voices are added to the hero and new effects like burning in the magma and a visual effect before the giant's spin attack. Requirements: This game was created and tested in this computer: -Windows 8.1 -Intel Core i7 -12 GB ram -Nvidia GForce 820A 2GB / Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 it runs good at 1920x1080 px and the best quality set. This game was tested in a computer with: -Windows Vista -Intel Core 2 Duo -3.5 GB ram -Nvidia NVS 290 250MB It Runs good at 720x480 resolution and low quality. (Some image effects affect the performance in highest resolutions)

The Final Round - Fixed 1.1
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