The Broken Mace New Demo (0.1.3) : New version with dropping items and a couple of changes in the levels ! Check changeLog in the zip file for more details. The Broken Mace is a 2D runner platformer with RPG mechanics. You are a prehistoric man who has been chosen to become a hero. You will need to collect items, craft equipments and find artefacts in order to find your way in this unique art style game. But equipment and items capacities are not infinite, you will need to think very carefully about what you collect ! At the moment, there are 2 possible endings. We will add more contents in the next versions. The Broken Mace is set to release in 2017. Only keyboard at the moment : Jump : Space. Enter door/climb ladder : Up / S Attack : X Inventory : F (when available) Play Flute : C (when available)

The Broken Mace v0.1.3
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