THE BATTLE OF GENERAL is a Command and Conquer Red Alert; Yuri revenge Mod Generals: 1. Infantry General-Can Built Cloning Vats and Jarmen Kell can kill Vehicle driver 2. Tank General- can built Tank Cloning Facility and Deadliest Paratanks 3. Airforce General- Can Call Carpet Bombing 4. Laser General- Multi Laser Cannon 5. Defence General-Tank Bunker, EMP Cannon and Blue Artillery Strike 6. Psychic General-(Is a Yuri Country) 7. Chemical General-Chemical Trooper (Chemical Parabombs is comming Soon) 8. Demolition General-Upgraded demolition Truck and Demolition truck Delivery 9. Stealth General-Steath Units And can built Stealth Generator Each General Has Unique Super Weapon and abilities EX: Airforce General - Suicide Plane This Beta Version and More General Coming In Full version campaign - comming soon maps Comming soon Eva of Super Weapon will Fix Soon

The Battle of Generals V1.0ax
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