TAM v1.8 changelist: - All ship movement +1 - Kambsor given only 1 first strike -- Kambsor now upgrades to Heavy Spearman - Mycenaen Hoplite terrain defense values raised by 5% - Javelineers and Heavy Javelineers given +50% bonus vs. Heavy units - Mounted Javelineers given +50% bonus vs. Heavy Units, bonuses vs. Skirmisher and Mounted Skirmisher type units removed - Swordsmen, Armored Infantry units given +15% bonus vs. Skirmishers - Spearmen, Heavy Spearmen no longer have bonus vs. Cavalry units - Chariot bonus vs. Skirmisher units changed to +30% - Elephant cost raised to 70 (from 60), given -25% City Attack - Axeman gets +25% City Attack (instead of 15%) - Medium Unit bonuses vs. Medium Units removed - Heavy Units no longer entitled to City Raider promotions (only Medium and Siege units) - Medium Units no longer entitled to City Garrison promotions (only Heavy and Skirmisher units) - Siege Weapons no longer entitled to Drill promotions (only Skirmisher, Mounted Skirmisher, and Naval...

The Ancient Mediterranean MOD v1.8
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