The seven gates of survival is sub genre of action adventure horror video game. Inspired by horror fiction and focus on the survival of the character. The player is challenge to find the items and keys to unlock the gates, the player also challenge to navigate dark maze like environments and react to unexpected attacks from the enemies. the game has deep impressive story of evils attacks on the world as per the thousands year prediction of the ancestors of the man who lives in grave yard, the red blood moon night evils attacks and open all the seven gates of protection , the man has to find the keys of all those gates... the game is the first person shooter with the most horrific environment and sounds. there are seven levels for seven gates each gates are combine to one another so that the player can feel the horror and each gate is open in the most horrific environment like maze , cave , lake area , deadly den and a level for exploration to escape.

The 7 Gates of Survival
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